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Having Courageous Conversations with Compassion

Presented by Jim Kinsey, Planetree Director of Member Experience Building on the “Brave New World” theme of Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month, this webinar will examine what it takes to courageously engage with patients and families, with colleagues, leaders and others around...

 10-21-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

The Business Case for Compassion - A Planetree Virtual Roundtable

about the impact of compassion, or lack...compassion •Industry peers sharing their field...-tested practices for nurturing compassion...encourage participants to reflect on compassion

 10-23-2013 | 13:00 ET - 15:30 ET

The Role of Spiritual Care in Enhancing Patient Experience

Presented by Rev. Eric J. Hall, President and CEO of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network Despite growing evidence, the possible contributions of spiritual care and chaplaincy to improving patient experience are poorly understood and rarely fully implemented. This session will outline some of the...

 07-13-2016 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

A Strategy for Reducing Patients’ Financial Burden while Increasing Reimbursement

Maury Regional Medical Center’s Financial Navigator Program: A Patient-Centered Solution for Reducing Patients’ Financial Burden, Increasing Hospital Reimbursement and Enhancing the Patient Experience Presented by Rodney Adams, Director of Patient Access; Debra Lyons, NP, Infusion Center...

 03-11-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

The Case for Empathy

Presented by Helen Riess, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Empathetics; Associate Professor-Part Time of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Empathy and Relational Science Program at MGH Dr. Helen Riess will share her research regarding the case for empathy...

 01-06-2016 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Making the Most of Limited Time – The Basics of Conversational Assessment

Presented by Jim Kinsey, Planetree Director of Member Experience When you have limited time with a patient, how you usethat time can be the difference between a patient-centered encounter and aprovider-centered one. Are you focused on completion of mandatorypaperwork, checking boxes...

 12-17-2014 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Understanding and Enhancing Organizational Vitality

Presented by Paul Stillman, Director of Organizational Vitality, Six Seconds, theEmotional Intelligence Network We typically think of vitality in relation to people, but vitality canapply to organizations as well. In this webinar, we will learn about how peoplearound the world feel about...

 10-07-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Peer 2 Peer Responders Providing Emotional First Aid & Beyond for Healthcare Workers

Presented by Lois Roth, Risk Manager, Mercy Medical Center Most of us in healthcare have been a second victim at one time or another. Unexpected and difficult events happen every day in healthcare. How we are treated and how we deal with these events is the deciding factor on whether we...

 08-05-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Powered by Patients: Using Qualitative Data to Build the Case for Patient-Centered Care

Presented by Jill Harrison, PhD, Planetree Experience Advisor Organizations engaged on the person-centered care (PCC) journey are increasingly interested in tracking outcomes through clinical and non-clinical metrics. In an increasingly complex healthcare marketplace, tracking these outcomes...

 10-28-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET