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Struggling with Quiet at Night?

HCAHPS patient perception of care survey

Conducting a Health Literacy Assessment

Presented by Karin Block, RN, Educator and Joanne Muzzey, RN, Director of Patient Advocacy and Planetree, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital The 2015 Planetree Designation Criteria requires an organizational health literacy assessment and action plan. As healthcare providers we are aware of...

 04-13-2016 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Making the Most of Limited Time – The Basics of Conversational Assessment

Presented by Jim Kinsey, Planetree Director of Member Experience When you have limited time with a patient, how you usethat time can be the difference between a patient-centered encounter and aprovider-centered one. Are you focused on completion of mandatorypaperwork, checking boxes...

 12-17-2014 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Transforming Noise to Meaningful Sound or Silence

Presented by Ilkay Baylam, PMP, MBA, Manager, Patient Centered Care, Adadolu Medical Center Uncontrolled sound — which can be called as noise — creates not only distraction, but also anxiety for patients and their families and for staff. Anadolu Medical Center (AMC), located in Istanbul,...

 06-10-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

4-week Virtual Course-Transitions of Care

When Virtual Cour se every Tuesday, April 29th - May 20th, 2014 3:30-4:30 p.m. Eastern Time Tuition Non-Member Rate: $350 per participant Planetree Member Rate: $199 per participant (with coupon code l7ml8 ) Where All learning will occur virtually. All participants...

 04-29-2014 | 15:30 ET - 16:30 ET

A Population Health Approach to Improving Medication Adherence

Balancing Medication Effectiveness and Affordability: Challenges in a Rapidly Changing Insurance Environment Presented by Ellen Imber, Vice President Community Outreach, FamilyWize and Jim Kinsey, Planetree Director of Member Experience This session will introduce new tools that support...

 05-11-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

The Impact of the Built Environment on Patient Satisfaction

Presented by Lorissa MacAllister. PhD (c), AIA, NCARB, EDAC, President, Enviah As healthcare becomes increasingly focused on the experience provided to patients, research has indicated that the culture of an organization is central to patient satisfaction. This session will introduce...

 06-03-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET