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Care Team Conferences: Every Patient, Every Day

Team Conferences (CTCs) were created team conferences use a standardized...Conferences to ensure safe transitions of care...Conferences: Every Patient, Every Day

 11-10-2016 | 00:00 PT - 18:00 PT

Care Team Conferences: Every Patient, Every Day

Conferences (CTCs) were created to focus on...discharge process, these care team conferences...Conferences to ensure safe transitions of care

 04-20-2016 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Planetree Conference Presentations, Available Now!

Conference presentations are being...Conference microsite. Please follow the the conference, but have not submitted

Planetree Patient-Centered Care Conference

Join the longest running, most successfuleducational event for healthcare professionals who strive to createculture change and deliver healthcare that puts the needs of thepatients first.

 10-06-2013 08:00 ET - 10-09-2013 22:00 ET
 Montreal QC

Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month support materials, available now!

The Resource Library now contains an entry containing many resources for you to use as you celebrate your MVPs (Most Valuable Partners), the patients on your patient-centered journey. Tell us how you plan to expand patient-centered care awareness throughout your organization and communities...

Call for Presentations! 2014 Planetree Annual Conference

Annual Conference our goal is to address conference on patient-centered care!3

2016 Planetree Distinction Application is Now Live

The 2016 Planetree 2016 is July 1

Planetree Conference Early Bird Deadline Extended to August 15

Planetree Conference? What are you waiting for...a conference! In fact, to call it a...conference really doesn’t do this event justice

2014 Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care

conference. It is an event. A celebration. A...-centered care, this conference will supply the...Conference. At this year’s event, you’ll

 10-12-2014 00:00 CT - 10-15-2014 23:59 CT
 Chicago IL

Deadline Extended! Present at the Planetree International Conference

Conference on Patient-Centered Care. Presenters...receive a $50 discount on a conference pass