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Implementing a Care Partner Program: The Epitome of Family Engagement

Partner Programs are the epitome of family...Partner Program...Planetree patient-preferred practice, Care...vital source of continuity, care

 11-22-2016 | 00:00 PT - 18:00 PT

Implementing a Care Partner Program: The Epitome of Family Engagement

-preferred practice, Care Partner Programs are...overview of the evidence base for Care Partners...continuity, care coordination and communication

 02-24-2016 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Will You Be My (Care) Partner?

how to formalize your care partner program...- CHUS Care Partners play an essential role...Will you be my (Care) Partner?

 04-25-2017 | 08:00 PT - 09:00 PT

From Partners in Care to Partners in Research

becoming partners in research as part of the...centered care and patient centered research

 12-09-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Reflections of a Care Partner: Trial by Fire

guide for patients and care partners? In...personal care partner story, as well as offer...the needs of patients, care partners and...managing all aspects of her mother’s care

 06-22-2016 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

National Quality Partners Virtual Forum

Join National Quality Partners (NQP...improve person-centered care delivery across...inpatient and post-acute care to palliative and...hospice care. During her journey, see how

Just Added: Care for the Caregiver Program Implementation Manuals

Caring for the caregiver is a central...compassionate, empathetic and nurturing care others...“Caring for the caregiver” takes on many...three Planetree Award-winning care for the

Celebrate Patients as Our MVPs; Most Valuable Partners!

MVPs during Patient-Centered Care Awareness

Preparing program award entries

Care for the Caregiver categories).We ask...words or less for each question:1.Program...personalize care?3.How does it humanize care?4.How...does it demystify care?5.Show outcomes