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Patient-Preferred Practice Primer: Bedside Shift Report

for bedside shift report, debunk the myth...adjust traditional shift report to include...not merely rely on a shift of location of...where the report occurs. It entails re

 07-23-2014 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

Engaging Patients and Families through Bedside Shift Report

Bedside shift report improves quality

Patient-Centered Care at the Bedside - A virtual nursing course

bedside, at the exam table, in the resident's...​bedside. The ​cumulative ​curriculum ​dives

 09-10-2015 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET

What it Takes to Deliver Patient-Centered Care at the Bedside-A Critical Competency for Nurses Today

: Registered ​Nurses ​at ​the ​bedside, ​in...​the ​Planetree ​model ​at ​the ​bedside

 11-06-2013 | 15:30 ET - 16:30 ET

Virtual Nursing Course begins February 5

at the Bedside will be held February 5

The Power of Storytelling

Presented by Martha Hayward, Lead/Patient and Public Engagement, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Randy Carter, Senior Vice President, Planetree Stories have the power to engage hearts and minds and to bring diverse interests together around common goals. Sharing their...

 06-29-2016 | 13:00 ET - 14:00 ET